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Someday I'm going to stay home and catch up. I started this website to post photographs and stories in a totally open space, with no ads, where no one had to sign in or agree to anything or be bothered by another account password. But I'm forever curious - what's on the next block? Over the next hill? Why is this______(fill in the blank) here? With respect to music, I want to know who did it first, who wrote it, and who played on the record, among other questions. So I will never catch up, since I seem to keep finding people and places and their stories. I told you about Highway 49 a while back ("Highway 49 Blues" originally by Big Joe Williams). Many times over the years I sat at the southern end of US Highway 49 at US 90 in Gulfport, Mississippi Then I traveled along some of it in Mississippi. So when I headed to see my niece and sister in Southeast Missouri in the spring, I HAD to travel to the other end in Piggot Arkansas. It ends rather quietly as a city street there.

Right before the northern terminus Highway 49 takes you through Greenway Arkansas. Greenway started as Clayville for Clay County, but when the St. Louis and Texas Railroad established a depot there they called it by its present name, though no one seems to know why. The town was a timber hub, with two sawmills and a stave (usually for barrels) factory, cafes, churches, and of course a saloon. Eventually the cleared land was turned into cotton farms. During the Great Depression the timber and rail business faltered, taking local supporting businesses with it just up the road (three miles) to Piggot). Another mystery, at least to me and Google, is this collection of buildings that looks a lot like a county fairgrounds - but of course the fair is in the county seat of Piggot and has been for 100 years (2017 is their Centennial celebration).

I remain curious and may have to follow up on this mystery someday. Meanwhile, I'll try to catch up while you listen to Big Joe Williams and his nine string guitar.

"Highway 49 Blues" -

 How did i get here? 

In my journeys over the last three years, both physical and personal/internal, I have discovered Memphis and a drive to create. This site will display my goals to informally promote and tell stories about Memphis and the surrounding areas - music, culture, history - through my observations, photography, and telling the stories of people I meet along the way.

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